Sunday, July 19, 2009



You must hear this, information is power if you are not informed you will be deformed, so what are you waiting for, you want to know more, ok let me tell you this oladipupo is committed to your success, and i mean this i am fully ready to let you know that there is a special gift in you i mean something different from billion of people living on this planet earth, but which you have not exploit, then just give one day let me show you that, you can make $500 in a week, i mean it, then join me in this one day seminar let me show you, simple way i use to rake in dollar everyday on the internet


VENUE: Asabari Hotel, off anfani street
challenge, ibadan.

DATE: 31st Friday July 2009 Time: 10 am (pls, no Africa time)

p.s: Come to the venue with N1,000 only for registration form
You can afford to miss this

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just for you, yes i meant it

Hi friend friend how long have you been struggling to get US MASTER CARD, do i here you say, so so long time ago, then friends here the opportunity comes, you can now own your US MASTER CARD AND FUND IT here in Nigeria in less than 24hrs, yes I mean it, that is not all friend, pls listen to this, you must know by now that i am committed to you success, because i know that you want to buy cheap laptop, digital camera and more just like I use to do, then I am revealing another big deal, yes you must here this, No no no friend just relax I am ready to give to you i mean it, Ok lets go, just relax and follow me, do you know you can nown get free US ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER you desired in less than 5 minutes, trust i am nice guy, i am poised to give it to you, but then to get this, send your Name, email, phone no to or 07033861791 with the heading "THANKS OLADIPUPO FOR THIS INFO"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oladipupo Olatunji screamed again, you must start making money on the internet, enough is enough I can take it any longer, why must you be browsing 5hours a day and burn away N500 without making any dime on the internet, you must start making money now, starting from this month of July, but then you can grab this opportunity if you can make it to my seminar on the 10th of October where i will be brainstorm how you can start generating millions on the internet, I will teach you the exact secrets I use to rake in millions from the internet legally

I will also be teaching you:-

  1. How to Start your internet business this October
  2. How to open Email account and turn it to cash pumping machine
  3. How to create ebook and sell it for stupendous profit online
  4. How to Create blog and make millions from design it for people
  5. How to own your master card with your with your name inscribed on it
and many more, just watchout. thanks oladipupo

Friday, July 3, 2009


My new Ebook that thouroughly explain 27 ways you can start making money on the internet is out at last, this a great offer for you to grab a copy of this new ebook before i increase the price because i am giving it out for free, if you will attend my seminar that is coming up on the 10th of July 09, but then if you can not make it to the seminar, you can book for your copy now by paying N500 only to the bank account
Bank Name:GTB
Acc No: 4064423811590
Acc Name:Oladipo Olatunji Foluso
after payment, call or text your name, phone, email to 07033861791
see you on top

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Discover How to Beat The Economic Meltdown Hand Down And Lay YourHands on SIMPLE INTERNET SYSTEMS That will Embarrass You With Uncontrollable Cash Inflow Into Your Bank Account

As I will be Exposing The Secret of:

$How to own a valid Email Account that will serve as invisible paymaster between now and Xmas. (Guaranteed)

$How to Blog Your Way To Wealth + Getting Traffic to your site

$How To Own your US Master Card With Your Name Inscribed on It

$How to generate 25,000 - 75,000 weekly solving Problems On forum Site

$How To Sell your Ideal For Cool Cash As Information Marketer (Guaranteed)

$How To Browse Internet and Download Ebook Legally With Resale Right and Pocket 100% Of Your Money (Guaranteed) + 20 Website That Will Give YouEbook With Resale Right

$It Is Now Time To Churn In Unbelievable ThousandsOf Naira Through This Cash Cranking Secret…How Nigeria Microfinance Banks Are Dead Ready ToForcefully Pull You Out Of Abject Poverty Into A NewWorld Of Unending Stream Of Cashflow, Doing WhatYou Already Do With Your GSM Phone Everyday –TEXT MESSAGE

$WEB DESIGN MADE EASY: How To Design A Money Making Website In 30Minutes Or Less Even If You Have Not Touched A Computer Before

$Discover How To Get A Brand New Acer Laptop For JustN15,000 Out Of Pocket Expenses! (100% Guaranteed)

$How To Make $50 - $300 Weekly Selling Or PublishingYour Articles Online and more...Now

My Super Duper Bonuses:

1.Complete guide on how to get new and free electronic directly from the manufacturer in China just for you to test the product. E.g Laptop

2.My new ebook “27 ways to earn money on the Internet”

3.Law of Success (Ebook) I am not through yet because I love to give and I willgive to you free 4.How to print Recharge card and Make 50,000 weekly like myyounger brother

5.Ebook on How to get Traffic to Your Site. All on readableCD. To be given on Seminar Day,

Then this offer is for the first 20 peopleTo Pay to My GTB Account, So take the steps now because 10,000 of this flyer is been distributed, that means in two days times the wise 20 people will go homewith this duper bonuses

Date:friday 31st July 2009Venue:Asabari Hotel, off anfani street, Asabari close Challenge Ibadan

Seminar fee:3,700

Acc Name: oladipo olatunji foluso

Acc No:4064423811590

p.s After payment call or text your name, teller no, phone, location to 07033861791


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