Sunday, December 13, 2009


I’ve found out a quicker way to verify Paypal account without using a us bank account or virtual address or change your IP (this new method make it easy for you to get verified in 3 seconds and make withdraw here in Nigeria with ur payoneer master card through zenith or other branches nationwide. If you happen to own a Payoneer card then you might want to verify your account using this card because the entire process only took me less than five minutes to complete. The Paypal expanded use (EXPUSE) number, which is used to change the status of Paypal accounts from “unverified” to “verified”, is reflected immediately in my online account at Payoneer’s website.

Using a us bank account or virtual address has a lot of disadvantages. A person had to wait for a few days up to more than a week before calling up the bank’s customer service for the EXPUSE number. Calling up the bank’s customer service is often difficult: a Usbank customer often needs to call up several times to get through someone. The only option that the customer could find out the EXPUSE number is to make several calls to the customer service to follow up the request. but with my master card i get verified in 3 seconds.

if this interest you here is the deal

i will show you step be steps how to get your paypal verified

using your Nigeria address and also how to fund your payoneer master card

also how to link your master card with your paypal and get your money transfered

to your master card and with draw your paypal money with your

master card in Nigeria naira equivalent and many more

but to ORDER FOR THE PACKAGE or you want me to do it

here is how TO ORDER

Pay 4,700 before Friday 18th Dec 2009

to GTB

Account No: 4064423811590

Acct Name: Oladipo olatunji Foluso

Special bonus "if you do not have payoneer master card i will process it for you free" valued (N3,700)

after payment call 07033861791 or


ps: this one time offer i am not like marketer that will not keep to his or her

promise and also, after Friday i close the offer so as to monitor the 50 Nigerians

that will take steps now, so what are you waiting for, go ahead and make payment and call me after


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