Saturday, August 1, 2009


Dear Friend,

Would you like me to show you how I use to make dollars right from my bedroom, do I hear u say yes? Then, listen to this it is no more history that Oladipupo make money daily without hassle, but just right there in my bedroom I make nothing

less than $100 daily, hey this is not to brag, but to tell you that you can do more than me, only if you can made it to my seminar on the 8th or 14th of August, but just let me tell u, I am committed to your success, but let me proof this quickly, the last time I did the seminar I charge 6,700 per participant, but u will be surprise to my crazy offer for this seminar, but before then let me show you what I will be teaching:

1. Bloging secret and how to start making money in 48hrs just like the one have in, dear friend you need, zero capital to start this

2. Adsense secret + how goggle adsense will embrace you with dollars every month and

laugh to the banks like small baby that get cake from his mother

3. Football trading yes friend your desire club will soon back from break, then this is

a great opportunity to laugh to your bank after each match you predict, but dear

friend not the score line, just predict winner and loser

4 . Bulk SMS yes this business give me money everyday, just look at schools that awaits

you to supply them with bulk SMS

5. Recharge Card Printing made easy yes you had about this

before but not that method you know my simple method that

cost you just N15,000 start, not computer method, not orange box,

just made to the seminar, let me tell you

6. How to make dollars online without selling product or service

7. How to make money online without any product or website

8. How to start your internet business this month of August,

friend you can not continue wasting hours in café checking email

box without making money online, this is your time to start

making money

9. How to use facebook and perfect-spot to earn money online, not just about your picture

and friends alone

10. How to browse 24/7 without paying a dime. And many more........

Bonus: 1. E-book on how to blog for cash + How can blogging help your biz

2. How to get free product from china without paying a dime

3. E-book on getting traffic to your site without ceasing

4. How to get new laptop for just N15,000 with 200GB (guaranteed)

Venue: Asabari Hotel, Off anfani street, Challenge Ibadan

Date: First Batch Friday: 7th August 09 Time: 10am

Second Batch Saturday:8th August 09 Time: 10am

P.s: Send text or email with Heading “I WILL ATTEND FREE OLADIPUPO” to

07033861791 or

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